Your Guide to Planning a Great Thanksgiving Day in 2020

As we continue to adapt to many new ideas of normal this year, Thanksgiving traditions may be changing. As always, please defer to the CDC guidelines for safe gatherings.  But, we’ve still got a lot to be thankful for and want to help make your Turkey Day as festive and stress-free as possible. From food-prep to clean up and everything in between, we’ve got you covered!

Prepping for Your Meal

Grocery shopping in the time of COVID presents many risks, as well as many solutions! Getting ingredients for your feast this year means thinking through different avenues of purchasing food. If you’re apprehensive about spending time in a crowded store to pick up your yams, consider alternatives such as grocery delivery or curbside pickup. Many of the bigger chain grocery stores have easy-to-use apps that make planning ahead the way to go.

And, if you have to run out to the store for a last minute ingredient, don’t forget to do it in style with an autumnal RainCaper Sunflower Mask.

Having a Cooking and Serving Game Plan 

Thanksgiving is our favorite meal to pull out all the stops. So put on your apron and let’s get started: biscuits, sauces, casseroles, pies… just thinking about it gets our mouths watering. Inevitably each component of the meal means more clean up after, so we like to have a plan. 

One solution? Baking dishes that double as beautiful serving ware! Golden Rabbit’s enamel baking pan looks just as good in the oven as it will on the table. Every dish we don’t need to wash means more time spent enjoying the day. The Inspired Generations Lady Potluck is another fantastic option for dressing up a baking dish with no extra work. Your classic 9”x13” pyrex will fit effortlessly into this beautiful polished aluminum dish holder. 

Timing is also key. Juggling multiple cooking projects at once means you’ll need to consider keeping dishes warm while others are on the stove. Pampa Bay offers a variety of serving dishes that are also oven safe, such as their beautiful tureen. Keep your mashed potatoes at the perfect temperature in the tureen by keeping them warm in the oven as the rest of your meal comes together. When it’s time to eat, the dish can go directly to the table with no added fuss.

Setting the Table

Badash Crystal Candle Holders

Badash Crystal Candle Holders

This year, dining as a group will require a bit more forethought, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice a beautifully set table. Badash Crystal’s candle holders will brighten up your night next to a beautiful vase of fresh flowers. From gravy boats to festive napkin boxes, we’ve got what you’ll need.

If you’re having extended family over, you might want to consider separate serving stations to ensure everyone is following proper safety protocol. Instead of one large buffet table, a variety of smaller trays can help split each dish between groups of people who are already isolating together. Julia Knight’s Peony Tray is handcrafted to perfection and fantastic for this occasion. 

Further reduce the need to pass things around the table by taking advantage of Demdaco’s Family Values Lazy Susan. Its uplifting language will only add to the spirit of your gathering. Safely keep everyone’s cup full by providing your guests with pitchers and decanters filled with your favorite holiday drinks. (And don’t forget an ice bucket to make sure your bottles stay perfectly chilled as the meal moves from dinner to dessert!)

Sweet Pumpkin Handcare Caddy

Michel Design Works Sweet Pumpkin Handcare Caddy


Make Cleaning Up a Breeze

With all that prep and planning leading up to the holiday, there will eventually come a point when the turkey has been divided into leftovers and you’ve eaten your last bite of pie. The time for cleaning up has arrived, but it doesn’t need to be stressful. Michel Design Works has developed multi-surface wipes, and sprays that smell so good you’ll look forward to using them. Your guests will also like the Michel Design Works sweet pumpkin handcare caddy that comes with soap and lotion so they can keep clean without getting dry hands. Just because the meal is over, doesn’t mean you’ve got to stop taking delight in all of the delicious scents of the holiday.

Here’s an easy clickable reference to all of the products mentioned that will make your Thanksgiving 2020 special:

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