7 Great Ideas for Rainy Day Activities

girl by window looking at rainy day

While it can be easy to let inclement weather get you down, we’re here to make the case for loving rainy days! Instead of looking at them as something that keeps you and your family cooped up inside the house, we see rainy days as a great time to cozy up and enjoy the comfort of your own hearth and home. 

Think back to when you were a kid and you got to stay inside with your family on rainy days. It was the best, wasn’t it? We played board games, ate warm comfort foods, and enjoyed countless other indoor activities. 

It doesn’t have to be any different as an adult. If you have to stay indoors, why not make the most of your time? If you have children, this also provides a great opportunity to spend time with them and connect as a family.

If you’re not sure what to do, we’re here to help. Keep reading for our top tips on how to enjoy your time indoors.

1. Play Board Games With Friends and Family

No matter how old you are or where you grew up, board games were likely a major part of your childhood. Whether you had weekly chess matches with your dad or your whole family sat down on Sunday afternoons for games like Risk or Monopoly, it was a staple of growing up. If your children have yet to experience family board games the way you remember them, now is the time to introduce some old-school fun for kids. There are so many options today, from classics like dominos, to newer card games like Guju Guju Fruit Frenzy

And of course, board games aren’t just for kids! Any game can be fun in the right company. Share a few drinks, indulge in your favorite snacks, and revel in the camaraderie.Board games are great because they encourage genuine interaction. You can talk, laugh, win, lose, and grow together during these rainy day activities.

2. Invest in a New TV Series

One of the best things about cold, rainy days is being able to snuggle up on the couch. There’s something about that cozy feeling you get seeing the cold weather outside while sitting in your slippers wrapped up in a blanket that provides immeasurable contentment.

These are the perfect days to let yourself get totally wrapped up in a new TV series. Make yourself a big bowl of popcorn to share and let your mind wander into a different world. There are plenty of days to be out and about, so why not take advantage of this opportunity to relax and invest in a new reality of your choosing..

3. Pamper Yourself

One thing most of us don’t take enough time for is self-care. We spend the bulk of our days working, doing chores, taking care of obligations, and caring for others. Unfortunately, this leaves little time to focus on your own needs. 

We recommend taking advantage of rainy days to invest in yourself. 

Fill the room with a relaxing scent like Archipelago’s Nantucket Luxe Candle. Take a long, hot bath with Michel Design Works Tranquility Bubble Bath.  Sip some wine from a beautiful Corkcicle Stemless, and give yourself a manicure and pedicure while listening to your favorite album. 

There’s nothing selfish about taking a little time for yourself. If you don’t do it every now and again, you’ll burn yourself out, and then you won’t be of use to anyone.

4. Dig Into a Good Book

If it’s cold and rainy outside and you have a cozy blanket and a comfy couch, you’re set up for one of the best rainy day activities in existence – curling up with a good book. Reading is a great escape for anyone, especially in the modern age. We (and our children) are becoming increasingly reliant on technology for entertainment, and sometimes we forget how reliable and entertaining a hardcover can be.

While there’s nothing wrong with keeping up with the times, it would be a shame to completely abandon traditional experiences, like reading a good book or digging into a classic book series.  While reading can be a solitary event, it’s also fun to read books out loud to each other, or read the same book as your family or friends and come together to talk about the story and characters.

5. Go Online Shopping

One of the beauties of today’s day and age is that we no longer need to leave the house for a fun shopping experience. Whether you’re just looking to browse and get inspired to redecorate your home or revamp your closet, or looking to spoil yourself a little, the internet has opened the door for endless access to so many fun treats. 

Now’s a great time to shop for beautifully unique accessories, like the Papaya Tassel Pouch. Get something for yourself, or pick out a great gift for someone you want to show a little love.

6. Spend Some Time Working on a Hobby

When life gets busy, our hobbies are one of the first things to go by the wayside. Whether you love drawing, painting, knitting, or playing music, more urgent demands in day to day life often take us away from our passions. 

This is a call to action, asking all of us  to change course and realign some priorities. Though we get out of work or family obligations, we could all stand to watch less television and spend less time on our smartphones. After all, most people spend over three hours a day on their phones!

Instead of scrolling through social media, get back to what you really love. Perhaps you could spend the day drawing a beautiful picture. Why not splurge a little and perfect the piece with a unique Olivia Riegel picture frame!

7. Learn Something New

Spending the day inside presents the perfect opportunity to learn something new. Whether it’s a skill you’ve been wanting to teach yourself, or something you’d been wanting to learn from a family member or friend, there’s no better time than now! 

Perhaps there’s been a recipe that you’ve been meaning to try for a while and never found the time. Take this opportunity to get your kids together and host an impromptu baking session. You can perfect your talent and show off your confectionary creation on this Beatriz Ball cake stand. Everyone is sure to be impressed by your new found skill (and they’ll have fun eating it too). 

Looking for New Rainy Day Activities?

Everyone has a different idea of what their ideal rainy day activities look like. Maybe it’s a quiet day indoors cuddled up next to the fire with a good book or perhaps you prefer the lively company of family and friends. Regardless, we urge you to make the most of your time indoors in whatever way makes the most sense to you.

If you need any more suggestions or want to do some online shopping, check out our guide to great stuff for a little advice.  And remember, if you must venture outside, don’t forget your RainCaper!


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