RainCaper Face Mask Van Gogh Sunflowers


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Known for his paintings of Sunflowers done in the south of France, Vincent van Gogh’s sunflower paintings communicate “gratitude”. Enjoy companionship and gratitude with a van GoghSunflowers Reusable Fabric Face Mask.The Centers for Disease Control recommend wearing face coverings in public settings. Enjoy fit, fashion and function as you go about your day in a chic and stylish reusable cloth mask. Each mask has an inside pocket with a PM2.5 filter (1 disposable filter insert included; replace filters weekly). Artful non-medical cloth face masks keep you connected and protected while looking your best. The reusable face mask bears artwork carefully adapted from the original van Gogh Sunflowersoil painting and is perfect formuseum patrons, day trippers and world travelers. 


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