Sentiments for the New Year

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Congratulations on another revolution around the sun, as we wrap up 2020 and move forward into a new year. This winter, we are not only reflecting on the last twelve months, but also dreaming of the next twelve months to come. While it can be easy to dwell on the hard times, it is important to remember what drives us to be the best versions of ourselves. 

In taking note of what is important to us, we wanted to share these sentiments from Inspired Generations with you. There is so much beauty in the world, and when times are hard it is even more important to hold on to love and kindness.

While the golden rule can sound cliche, it has remained tried and true. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Putting kindness out into the world really does create the kindness that comes back to you... just like magic. 

This year, even more than others, we have been called to act upon a social responsibility to our neighbors, our friends, our family members, and our community as a whole. While 2020 has been incredibly taxing at times, it has also shown the importance of the simple act of kindness. Being kind, to us, means having compassion and empathy towards those in your community. Whatever this looks like to you, perhaps donating to a local food bank, following public safety protocols, or just calling to check in on a friend that is having a hard time, a little kindness goes a long way. 

Kindness is magic sign

Inspired Generations Kindness is Magic Sign

This little sign bears the positive message "Kindness Is Magic." Handcrafted of food-safe polished aluminum.

Size: 10″ x 4″

With social distancing and travel restrictions, many of us have not been able to experience family time in the way we are used to. While proximity is important, what really keeps a family strong is LOVE. Love helps immediate families prosper and creates new families out of friends, neighbors and communities. 

Sometimes showing love can be as small as sending a text or a phone call to say hello. At other times it can mean mailing a surprise note or gift to brighten someone’s day. Love is communicated through words just as much as it is communicated through actions. Being a support during the difficult times as well as rejoicing together in good times is what love is all about: Listening, accepting, and greeting each other with honesty and kindness in order to uplift one another. 

Love Makes A Family Sign

Inspired Generations - Love Makes a Family

This little sign bears the positive message "Love Makes A Family." Handcrafted of food-safe polished aluminum.

Size: 8.5″ x 5″

There are certain daily chores we all must attend to, but it is important to not let the doldrums of everyday life dictate how we live. Finding ways to flavor your everyday experience is a crucial part of keeping your world vibrant. This doesn’t have to be overly complicated though! Escaping into your favorite book series, dedicating an hour or two to a chosen hobby, learning how to cook a new dish… these are all things that animate our life and keep us from getting weighed down by the day to day. Embracing your passions, big or small, leads to a more fulfilling experience all around.

Color Your World Sign

Inspired Generations Color Your World Sign

This little sign bears the positive message "Color Your World." Handcrafted of food-safe polished aluminum.

Size: 6″ x 5″

Sometimes you just need a reminder to not let the little things get you down! We’ve all had those days where nothing seems to go right. We spill our coffee, hit every red light on the way to work, forget to pick up that one thing at the grocery store... but dwelling on those moments never helps. Instead of getting caught up in the small snags of daily life, find happiness in the joys of the everyday. Go for a walk, do ten minutes of yoga, take a deep breath and eat a piece of chocolate! Trust us, you will feel so much happier when you do.

Choose Happiness Sign

Inspired Generations Choose Happiness Sign

This little sign bears the positive message "Choose Happiness." Handcrafted of food-safe polished aluminum.

Size: 5.75″ x 4.25″

One of the best habits we have is taking stock of the things we are grateful for every day. Spending time with gratitude spills over to every other aspect of our lives. Whether you take a moment when you wake up, spend 5 minutes on a break at work, or meditate on your thanks before bed, never forget to remind yourself of the things you are grateful for in this world. 

Making a list can help you see just how much there is to be appreciative of. Whenever you need a little boost or reminder, take a look at the list and see how many beautiful things your world contains. 

So Grateful Sign

Inspired Generations So Grateful Sign

This little sign bears the positive message "Soooooo Grateful." Handcrafted of food-safe polished aluminum.

Size: 8″ x 3.5″

We Are All In This Together!

Throughout it all, the good and bad, don’t forget that we are all in this together. By keeping these messages displayed throughout our home, we have constant reminders of the beautiful sentiments that make our lives full. When times are hard, the love and support of family, friends, and community will always be there to uplift and inspire. As we all move forward into the New Year, let us do so with gratitude, kindness, and an excitement for things to come!

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