Making Valentine’s Day Extra Sweet for Your Sweetie

Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to set aside all of the minutia of day-to-day life that takes your focus away from the people you love. It is a time to take stock of special and meaningful relationships and truly let your Sweetie know how much you care about them. 

Love Languages

No matter who we are, we all have our own special ways of giving and receiving love. In 1995, Dr. Gary Chapman published the book The 5 Love Languages, detailing the different ways individuals feel love and appreciation: 

  • Words of Affirmation
  • Acts of Service
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Quality Time
  • Physical Touch

Depending on your partner’s love language, we want to help you show your loved one just how much you care in a way that will be the most meaningful to them. 

Words of Affirmation

If your partner speaks this love language, a little bit of verbal encouragement will go a long way. Even a small complement to your Honey will mean a lot. Words that affirm are positive statements that are meant to build your partner up. You don’t have to be a poet or dig too deep for something incredibly profound, just be sincere! “I love you,” “I’m proud of you,” “You look beautiful today,” “You make me smile”…. Any of these statements will be sure to mean a lot to your partner. 

For a special Valentine’s treat, leave loving notes around the house for your partner to discover throughout the day. These notes can culminate in the ultimate gift of an Inspired Generations “Love You Most” Sign; a treat they will always be able to look at and see how much you care. A loving sentiment will strike just the right chord to make your partner feel loved and appreciated. 

Acts of Service

This love language requires a bit more planning, but will ultimately pay-off in the form of your partner’s happiness. Acts of service are actions that you can take to actively show your partner that you are doing things for their benefit. These could be anything from running an errand on their behalf, unloading the dishwasher, or–for a more Valentine’s appropriate treat–cooking dinner! 

Make it an all day affair and start in the morning by serving your loved one breakfast in bed with a side of tea in Demdaco’s adorable Striped Heart Teapot. Throughout the day, treat your Sweet to their favorite snacks served up in a lovely Julia Knight Heart Bowl. For the pièce de résistance at the end of the day, a beautiful home-cooked meal displayed on a Mariposa Beaded Heart Tray and dessert served with a Mud Pie Sweetie Pie Serving Utensil will make your declaration of love loud and clear. 

Receiving Gifts

While this one might seem obvious (we all like gifts, right?!), some people actually have a particular affinity towards receiving love in this way. However, this doesn’t mean showering your partner with expensive items on a daily basis. When people speak this love language, any small token of affection is received with gratitude and appreciation… it really is the thought that counts. 

For Valentine’s Day, whether it’s waking up to their favorite pastry sitting in a Beatriz Ball Heart Bowl on their bedside table, a single red rose in a Badash Crystal Bud Vase, or a more extravagant floral arrangement in a Badash Crystal Classic 12” Vase, your partner will be head over heels for any gift you give them. 

Quality Time

In this love language, one-on-one time with undivided attention speaks volumes. Turn off the television, put away your phones, and be present in the moment with each other. Make this Valentine’s Day extra special with a romantic evening planned for just the two of you. 

If Quality Time is their love language, we recommend an intimate night of stargazing with your beaux. Prepare a few things ahead of time so when the evening comes it will just be about the two of you. Arrange a blanket outside and set up some nice charcuterie on a classic cheese board. Chill a bottle of their favorite wine in a Badash Crystal Ice Bucket, and grab a couple Corkcicle Stemless Wine Cups to enjoy while you lay outside together. No interruptions, just you, your love, and the night sky. 

Physical Touch

If physical touch is your partner’s love language, that means that they want to feel you close, physically. Set the stage for a romantic evening with some mood lighting using Badash Crystal Candle Holders and the relaxing scent of a Zodax Dragonfly Diffuser. After dinner, spread out some pillows and blankets and offer to give them a massage. Pamper your partner through relaxing touch to let them know how special they are to you.

There are Many Ways to Say “I Love You”

Whatever love language you and your partner speak, communication is always key. On Valentine’s Day you don’t have to be over-the-top to let your loved one know you care. 

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