Extra Special Holiday Gift Ideas for Kids

This year has been undoubtedly unpredictable. From lockdowns to homeschooling, the new normal is constantly being redefined. One beautiful thing we have witnessed is how well the children in our lives have responded and adapted to these uncertain times. In honor of the resilient kids we know, we’ve put together some extra special holiday gift ideas tailored just for them. One thing we can predict is how much the children in your life will love these gifts! 

Games for Days

With children spending more time at home, it is super handy to have go-to games that you’ll know they’ll enjoy. What is even better is when you also enjoy them! To that end, we’ve got you covered. 

We were so excited to find Two’s Company’s Magnetic Dart Game. Because it is portable, you can play it anywhere and because it is magnetic you can play it at any age. With no sharp points, it takes the chance of injury or danger away, leaving only the fun! 

Another activity that is great for a group or an individual is this 500 piece Starbright Puzzle. Recommended for ages 8 and up, your kids can work on it while listening to their favorite songs, or you can work on it together while making up stories about grand adventures to come. 

No activities collection would be complete without some of our favorite card games. Pout Pout Go Fish, takes a classic game and introduces the lovable characters from the Pout Pout books. Your kid will love these illustrations as much as they love playing with the cards. For a new game that the whole family is sure to enjoy, try Slamwich, the fast flipping card game. But beware, they warn, “Parental alert: a sharp eye and fast hand will prevail. Play all out, but the kids will beat you every time!”

The Joy of Books

There is no other way to put it: these books are FUN! We’ve got a large collection of interactive books for your young ones. While smaller kids may not have the tools to read on their own yet, they will certainly know the joy of a good book. 

Like many of us, Sylvie the Sloth loves to lounge and this book shows us all the creative ways she manages to kick back. The plush appliqué illustration on the front cover invites tactile exploration, while the ten colorful pages inside feature a high-gloss finish for easy cleaning.

Demdaco’s Jungle Friends book is perfectly plush for playtime reading. This soft book makes reading extra special with an activator that your child touches to silver buttons throughout the book to hear animal sounds. An elephant, monkey, parrot and rhinoceros will come alive to delight your child time and time again. 

Part doll, part book, Mud Pie’s Princess Book is far from a traditional reading experience. What it is, is adorable. A sweet, soft, princess emerges from accordion style story pages making it a versatile gift for your little princess. She can play with it as a doll and enjoy the story, and it still folds up to sit nicely on a shelf for easy clean up.  

Cool and Creative

With kids at home for longer periods of time, we admit to doing some googling to find creative ways to keep them entertained. While oobleck, slime, and paint are ultra fun, they are also ultra messy… so sometimes we prefer these tidier alternatives. 

The Forest Friends Scratch and Sketch book is perfect for the animal lover in your life who also loves to draw. This fun activity book lets kids trace along special black paper to reveal colorful and sparkly images while learning about woodland creatures. And if your child has other interests, we’ve got more Scratch and Sketch books to choose from! With these fun books your only limitation is your imagination. 

When it’s time to go outside to play, let your kids take their creativity with them. Sidewalk chalk got even more exciting with the Hopscotch Green Brick Set. With chalk that looks like your kid’s Lego, they will be so thrilled to learn they can create driveway masterpieces with flair. 

Perfect for Play Time

How many hours of your day did you spend in your own imaginary world as a kid? If you were anything like us, the answer is: countless. While the imagination is endless, it never hurts to have some props. 

Let the superhero character of your kid’s dreams fly to life with Ganz’s Big Brother and Big Sister capes. These brightly colored capes will blow in the wind as your child runs to the rescue to help their younger sibling escape from the clutches of an imaginary monster. 

Or…perhaps it is time for a day at the salon! While real makeup can be a real mess, Mud Pie has the perfect solution with their wooden Make-Up Play Set. And of course she won’t want to forget her My First Purse Plush Set featuring a so-soft plush tote to hold every girl’s must-have purse essentials: sensory crinkle credit card, vinyl coin purse with three soft coins, cell phone with “ringing” sound chip and child safe mirrored compact case.

With the city safe from imaginary monsters, and makeover at the salon complete, surely your child will be holding general counsel for all of the town’s citizens, or a tea party with the finest guests. Make sure that Mr. Sloth and Ms. Mermaid are in attendance. Both esteemed, soft, plush toys come with a speak and repeat function that will give the kids hours of interactive entertainment. 

Awesome Accessories

Add some joy to your little one’s life with fun accessories that will bring a big smile to their face. 

For a fully accessorized princess, adorn her room with Demdaco’s Carriage Bank and her hair with Mud Pie’s Rainbow Bitty Bow Set. Both are just as precious as she is. 

And maybe you know a kid whose spunky attitude calls for a bag that pays tribute to their wild side. Mud Pie’s Leopard Purse and Bear Backpack are sure to cause a roar for both him and her. For your ray of sunshine, the Mud Pie Rainbow Backpack is so cute that they’ll love the outside just as much as they’ll love the other treats you can fill it with. Whatever your child’s personality is, we’ve got the accessories to match. 

Let us Help You

It is a lot of work taking care of your household and making things special for the holidays, so let us help. We offer a personal shopping experience to curate gift lists that are individually tailored to your loved ones. Simply fill out this form, and we will take the extra work off your shoulders. All you’ll have to do is enjoy your kids faces as they open up their favorite new gifts.

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