Expect the Best When Expecting: Hosting A Virtual Baby Shower

If you’re preparing for the birth of one of the over 130 million babies born each year, congratulations! You’re about to meet the person you love most in the world, spend the most time with, and know better than anyone else. It really is the most beautiful and exciting time of your life.

However, before you can have your baby, it’s time for another exciting event- your baby shower! While you may be upset that the pandemic has made in-person events difficult, you can still have an amazingly fun baby shower over one of the many virtual platforms that exist online.

Here, we’re going to give you some tips for hosting an awesome virtual baby shower. Read on to plan an amazing time!

The Logistics of a Virtual Shower

When hosting a virtual baby shower, the first thing you’ll need is functional software to actually host the event. Platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and Facebook Messenger Rooms allow your guests to enter into the chatroom and see you and all the shower attendees on their screens.

Make sure you check out the limitations of the virtual platform you choose – many have limits as to how many guests can enter into an event and how long your event can last, then make sure you spell out the guidelines to joining the event on the invitation.

Set up the event computer in an area where the mom-to-be can visit with all of the guests while she sits to open gifts, cut cake, relax, and be part of the action in comfort.

Start a Baby Gift Wishlist to Share

Opening gifts is fun for the giver and the receiver, so encourage your shower guests to shop your Baby Shower Wishlist on Lifestyles Giftware for the perfect gift for baby or parents. Click Add to Wishlist when you’re viewing a product, create an account, add a wishlist (you can add more than one!), and start adding those gifts you’d love to receive, then share the wishlist with your Baby Shower email list.

Have Awesome Decor

Having a virtual event doesn’t mean that you should skimp on the decor. Your IRL home-base party that you’re streaming needs to have awesome decorations. This isn’t only important to your in-person guests, but it helps your virtual ones to get in the mood to have a good time. Balloons and baby-themed decorations will go a long way to setting the stage for fun.

Surround the food display, gift table and cake table with baby toys. Adorable plush toys can be found in our Babies & Children collection and fun whimsical planters, like the Baby Rose Black Planter/Pencil Holder can also help set the mood!

Play the Right Games

Most baby shower games can be easily moved into a virtual format. Since many of them rely on pictures and verbal communication, you won’t need to change much about the games you play! For some, you may need to assign a host who can control the on-screen action.

One fun game is guessing whose baby picture is which guest. Have people email the images to either you or (if you want to play) a friend to organize a slideshow or photo share on the screen. After that, invite everybody to view it and get their guesses in. The winner can get a cool prize shipped to them like a gift card to a favorite restaurant or a Michel Design Works candle or Mud Pie Happy Vase, Michel Design Works Honey Almond Foaming Hand Soap, Michel Design Works Lotion, or Inspired Generations Heart Dishes and or a cute message sign from Inspired Generations.

Some other fun games include:

  • Bringing up Baby Charades – choose baby-related actions for teams to act out. Burping baby, diapering, sleep-deprived dad, putting baby to bed, etc.
  • Name that Baby Tune
  • Baby Shower Bingo

Have fun and get creative!

Food: Skip or Simplify

While in-person guests may expect a spread, your virtual guests probably won’t want to eat. However, it can be a lot of fun to provide virtual guests with a cocktail or mocktail recipe in advance so everyone can toast the mom and dad to-be together. Another treat would be to ship baby shower cookies to your virtual attendees. One great option is the Southern Sugar Cookie Bakery. You’ll want to order a couple dozen for eating and decorating at your live event as well.

Sending Thank-Yous and Party Favors to Guests

When all is said and done, sending thank you notes and party favors to guests is essential. Thank you notes can be done virtually or sent in the mail with party favors. Either way works!

As for party favors, you may be wondering what to get. We love Mud Pie Canvas Pouches. You can stuff them with treats – think cello bags of nuts and candies (think yummy Jordan almonds in pretty pastels).

Get Started Planning Your Virtual Baby Shower

Now that you have some tips for making your digital baby shower a success, it’s time to get cracking!

Contact us and we’ll help you to select the perfect party favors and decor for your shower.

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