12 Great Wedding Gifts for the Bride and Groom

One of the most difficult tasks for a wedding guest is choosing the right wedding gift for the bride and groom. What makes a great wedding gift? It’s one that both the bride and groom will enjoy.

The gift should be useful and durable so that it can serve the couple for many years. Try to choose a gift that matches the style of both the bride and groom.

Some of the most popular wedding gifts include kitchenware, bed linen, towels, or household tools. Items like original artwork can be tricky as you must know the couple’s taste and décor.

If you pick the wrong item, the couple may regift or even throw away your gift. To avoid this, read on for 12 of our favorite wedding gift ideas for 2020 that will be popular with your bride and groom.

Olivia Riegel Palmer 5×7 Frame

  1. Picture Frames

Picture frames are popular and traditional wedding gifts that are always a hit. The newest couple in town will have lots of pictures from their wedding day and will need frames to display them.

Delight your bride and groom by presenting them with a vintage-inspired picture frame encrusted with crystals or this unique Tizo crystal frame. For a simpler, yet chic choice, they will love this Tizo 8×10. They’ll have frames ready to display their favorite wedding photos right away.

  1. Vases

Flower vases make great gifts for a wedding. The bride will more than likely receive many flowers in the course of her marriage so gift your couple a classy vase to house them. Make your gift more interesting by choosing vases with unique shapes like this collection from Badash Crystal including this silver-rimmed beauty, this crystal stunner, and this Elvis-inspired vase. You can’t go wrong with any of these choices.

  1. Serving Trays

Trays make good wedding gifts because they will be very useful for the couple whenever they entertain. To ensure that the bride and groom fall in love with a tray, choose one that has beauty and will also serve them for many years. This elegant serving tray from Mariposa will be well-loved as will this platter-type tray from Pampa Bay.

  1. Unique Charcuterie Boards

If you are looking for a gift that your bride and groom can use regularly in their everyday lives, then a cheese/charcuterie board is the right item. They can be used for entertaining, or for when you’re relaxing with a glass of wine and your favorite cheese with crackers. This tray from Pampa Bay will add elegance to cheese and crackers at any gathering as will this marble beaded charcuterie tray from Beatriz Ball.

  1. Serving Bowls

Serving bowls are another great wedding gift idea because a home will always find a use for a bowl. You can gift your bride and groom a classy silver bowl that can decorate a shelf or dining table. Take a look at these gorgeous bowls to find one your couple will love: Julia Knight”s 12″ Deep Peony Serving Bowl, Beatriz Ball Mid-Century Bergen Large Bowl, the Badash 12″ Bowl with Scissors-Cut Edges, and this lovely, timeless bowl from Pampa Bay.

  1. Home Fragrances

Home Fragrance sets make thoughtful wedding gifts because they make a house feel like a home. Since 1898, Maison Berger Paris has cultivated this exclusive spirit: previously with purifying and perfuming lamps embraced by Parisian high society and top designers; and now with a range of scented decorative objects which charm the senses with their delicate fragrances, their sleek design, and their soothing scents.

Truly make any house transform into the home of their dreams with the Maison Berger Matali Clear Lampe.

  1. Candle Sticks or Candle Holders 

Candles have become an extremely popular home decoration item. They can set the ambiance for a romantic dinner or act as a prop for meditation. Scented candles can also make a home smell and feel cozy.

The bride and groom will find a use for candle holders or candlesticks if you give them a pretty set. Crystal or metal candle holders in unique shapes and designs can act as statement pieces that will attract compliments from your couple’s guests. This unique, lovely candlestick holder from Beatriz Ball will have a place on their table for many

years to come, as will these two stunning, elegant candlesticks choices from Badash: the Angela Candlesticks and the Charleston Square pair here.

  1. Cake Platter

If your bride and groom love cake or enjoy baking then a cake platter is a great gift for them. If you know the couple’s style, then you will find a platter that will please them from our collection here. This beauty from Julia Knight’s Peony Collection is a sure-fire winner, as are these from Pampa Bay and Beatriz Ball. Cake platters can also be used to serve other baked goods, cheese or charcuterie so your couple will find many uses for your gift.

  1. Salt And Pepper Shakers 

Another household item for everyday use that you can gift to a bride and groom is a set of salt and pepper shakers. They may be utilitarian, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t make an impact on the dining table. Julia Knight’s designs add a stylish, yet modern to their table as will this pair from Pampa Bay. For a more whimsical selection, try this hand-painted pair.

There are many types of shakers from classy ones made of crystal, elegant porcelain ones, and even funny ones that’ll add humor at the dinner table. Choose a set that will suit the style of your bride and groom.

  1. Napkin Box Or Napkin Holder 

Napkins are another item that should be present at all dinner tables. Get the bride and groom a napkin box or napkin holder that will allow them to elegantly display their napkins. There are holders made from different types of materials such as porcelain, aluminum, bamboo, or wood, ranging from the sophisticated to the whimsical. The right one will depend on the style and taste of your couple – here’s one that celebrates the bride.

Try One of These Top Wedding Gift Ideas 

Shopping for a wedding gift can be stressful and if you have a limited budget finding a great gift can be hard. This is because you want to get a gift that will be used and cherished by the couple throughout their marriage.

Our list gives you plenty of wedding gifts that have varieties to fit many styles and budgets. However, if none of these gifts suit your couple, check out the rest of our wedding shop for more options and remember – you can save your gift ideas to your wishlist and share it with friends!


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