How to Pick the Perfect Hostess Gift

Whether you’re attending a holiday gathering, headed to a dinner party, or staying with friends for the weekend, you should show your gratitude by bringing something for your hosts.

Rather than being an outdated tradition, bringing a hostess gift is a polite and gracious way to thank your host for their hospitality. However, many people are unsure of what makes an appropriate hostess gift. As a result, they end up bringing something generic like wine or foregoing host gifts altogether.

But there are far better gifts to surprise your generous host with than a bottle of wine. Read on to find out how to choose the best hostess gifts.

Safety First

Prioritize the safety of your loved ones and be sure to follow the CDC and local guidelines for health and safety at this time. Bookmark this article for when you can attend gatherings safely. Learn more here about the CDC’s “Considerations for Events and Gatherings.”

Choose Something Appropriate for the Occasion

Host gifts differ from the kinds of presents you might give the same person for their birthday. Birthday gifts tend to be personal items such as perfume or jewelry. And, while gifts like a decorative trinket box or a ring holder can double-up as home decor, they are primarily for personal use.

In contrast, hostess gifts are the kinds of items your hostess would use while hosting and entertaining. This can include for use within their immediate family, such as a selection of breakfast jams, or for a future party, such as a stylish serving platter or an elegant wine bottle coaster.

The key is to aim for something less personal, taking the whole household into consideration as well as why you’re getting together. For example, this Tizo Design decorative vase is the perfect host gift for a small gathering at your single friend’s home. But a domino set or acrylic cardholder might be more appropriate for a family games night.

Consider Their Taste

Above all, consider what your host or hostess likes before choosing any kind of gift.suggested product is a tall, slender, crystal pitcher

Even if you haven’t seen their home, consider how they dress and the accessories or fragrances they use. This can often give you a lot of clues about their taste and the kinds of items they might like to receive as a gift.

If you’re still unsure, play it safe by going for something neutral and practical. This might include a set of cream linen napkins or a crystal water pitcher.

Avoid Flowers and Food

When guests are all out of hostess gift ideas, flowers often seem like the perfect solution.

But consider what it means to present your host hostess with a bouquet of flowers when you arrive. They’ll have to find a vase and fill it with water, cut the stems, arrange the flowers, and find a place to display them – all while attempting to greet their other guests. So, if you’re dead set on giving flowers, send them day after the dinner party as a thank you.

As for food gifts, unless your hostess has requested that you bring your famous lemon pie for dessert, steer clear of anything fresh, both homemade and store-bought. If not, your hostess will feel under pressure to serve it during the party, causing extra work and stress.

Make Time for Wine

While we’d argue that this Corkcicle wine chiller or this magic ice bucket make better hostess gifts for the wine lovers in your life, a well-chosen bottle of wine is sure to put a smile on your hostess’s face.

But you must always make sure to express that the wine is for them and not for the party when presenting it to your hostess. Say something like, “I thought you and David could enjoy this when you’re alone this coming weekend.”

This way your hostess won’t feel under pressure to serve your wine that night and disrupt their planned menu.

The Best Hostess Gift Ideas

Now you’ve got a better idea of how to select the perfect present for any host. But what kinds of items make the best hostess gifts? Here are some inspiring ideas for gifts to take to your next gathering:

Home Fragrance Products

Home fragrance products make great host gifts. As well as providing ambiance for entertaining, your hostess can enjoy their decorative appearance and delicate scent.

Maison Berger Verbena Lampe Gift Set with lampe oil and geometric shaped lampe

Maison Berger Verbena Lampe Gift Set

Mud Pie’s bubbly and sweet champagne and cashmere candle makes the perfect gift for creating a luxurious atmosphere in your hostess’ home. Or, you could go for this honey almond soy wax candle by Michel Design Works for an elegant yet eco-friendly option.

Better yet, take a look at the extensive home fragrance collection of Maison Berger Paris. We particularly love this chic frosted lampe which your hostess can use with any of the brand’s home fragrances. Or, you might prefer to go for this zest of verbena lampe gift set for the complete experience.

Serving Accessories

No one does elegant serving accessories better than Pampa Bay. This stylish napkin holder is ideal for a serious dinner party upgrade, while this cracker tray will make even the simplest of appetizers look next-level.

We’re also big fans of Julia Knight’s collection of nature-inspired items, with favorites including this gorgeous salt and pepper set and this minimalist salad serving set.

Alternatively, your hostess might prefer this decorative oil and vinegar set by Michel Design Works for a fun way to brighten up a minimal tablescape. Or, if they’re into country chic, this lemon basil medium bowl by the same brand is ideal for serving side dishes.

Decorative Items

Decorative items for the home such as candle holders, coasters, and vases also make great hostess gifts as they often serve both a practical and aesthetic purpose.

For cute and quirky designs, look no further than Inspired Generations. We especially love this fun pizza cutter, while the brand’s collection of signs, cutlery, and other accessories make great hostess gifts for more informal gatherings.

For something chic and unique, Badash Crystal has a great selection of decor items, including these square-cut candle holders or this aluminum and glass vase. And, for family homes, we love Mud Pie’s ceramic utensil holder or this dog tail treat canister.

Find the Perfect Hostess Gift

With these hostess gift ideas to inspire you, there’s no excuse for turning up empty-handed to your next social gathering.

That said, bear in mind that some of your fellow guests might not bring a hostess gift. As such, it’s important to maintain correct guest etiquette and present your gift in private for optimal discretion and good taste.

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