RainCaper Tiffany Clematis


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Known for his iconic works in stained glass, Louis Comfort Tiffany was the artistic genius behind Tiffany Studios. Perhaps his most popular works are Tiffany lamps featuring intricately detailed stained leaded glass and bronze shades that brought the beauty of the natural world into the home. The Tiffany Clematis  hanging shade depicts blue clematis flowers in full bloom, with a profusion of flower petals rendered in variegated blue, punctuated by flower centers in hues of orange and yellow, and leaves of mottled green. This beautiful chandelier is reinterpreted into a wearable work of art in our newest masterpiece, the Tiffany Clematis  RainCaper. Drizzle or downpour, surround yourself in vibrant hues certain to brighten a dreary day. The reversible, fashionable hooded rain wrap offers elegant protection from rain and wind; wear it rain or shine. It’s the must-have accessory for museum patrons and stylish women. Part of the RainCaper Fine Art Collection, the soft and silky rain cape is true to the original art and designed in careful collaboration with the New-York Historical Society, regarded as holding one of the world’s largest and most encyclopedic Tiffany lamp collections.

  • Louis Comfort Tiffany Clematis floor lamp is in the collection of the New-York Historical Society Museum & Library, New York, NY
  • Reverse Color: Black


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